London's most social and fun Paintball team.

London Paintball team

Your Benefits

You will make new friends

We are the most sociable and fun team in England. We welcome all new members and you will feel welcome and part of the team in minutes. You are welcome to join some of our social activities outside paintball but you will not be expected to. So why not do something really fun and make some new friends in the process.

You will get fit and healthy.

You will get plenty of exercise and fresh air at our training events and tournaments. You can keep it at your own pace, however you will inevitably become more fit and feel good.

You will have fun.

This is your chance to be an action hero. Slide behind cover, save a teammate in trouble or win the objective for the team. Run through enemy paintball fire or sneak behind them to take them out one by one. Do you want to play like a SWAT or special forces or are you running forward all guns blazing to overpower the opposition. Join the action and fun. Remember life is too short to miss out.

Meet our team

Thomas Westenholz

Thomas Westenholz

Team captain

The founder and leader of the team. He loves tactics and scenario or tournament paintball. As long as it is fast and full of action. He is the guy that pulls the team together and organize the fun and social aspects. You will not find a more friendly team captain anywhere.

Nick Badass

Nick Badass

Storm trooper

Nick is relentless. He will charge forward and win ground no matter what obstacle are in front of him. He is known for taking out the enemy at close range. Combined with the cover from Thomas he is unstoppable. He is the energy of the team and win us the most points.

James Fit

James Fit

Front runner

James is the wingman for Nick. He is fast, fit and always moving to cover or flank our opponent. The poor guys often don't know what hit them. The direct playing style often means other teams are overwhelmed and simply look in surprise as they get taken out. James is a tall and friendly guy from Oxford. Just ensure you are at the right side of his barrel. .



Tactical cover

If you need cover, then you can count on Johnny. He is hidden so you will not see him until he gets you. That is if you are not playing on our team. He provides the cover for Nick and James to gain ground. It is our team work that makes us strong and Johnny is as important as our two mad men Nick and James. Watch for moving grass it might just be our sniper Johnny ready to take you out.

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What our team members think of us.

"The team is really well organised and I could not have asked for a better team to join. Everyone was so friendly from the first time I meet them and I was made to feel part of the team immediately. I have made some great friends, get to travel across the UK and have never had more fun in my life. "

− Nick - Kensington, London

"I was a bit skeptical before my first event but I must say I loved it. It was one of the most fun days I have ever had. I have made some good friends here and quickly joined the team. I love the fun and friendly atmosphere of everyone on the team and how welcoming they are to new players. "

− Johnny - Clapham, Loncon

"I joined the team this year and I must say it was the most fun I had in a long time. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. 6 hours of action, fresh air, running, hiding under cover, sneaking up on someone and taking them out was all a blast. I can't wait to get back out there and play again. When is the next event guys? "

− Noah - Eltham, South East London

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